Bumper Promotion with Vento Air Pumps! !

It’s time to bring a touch of color to your aquarium equipment!
At Aquarium Systems we have been the partner of your aquarium for 50 years.
That’s why we offer you a Bumper of the color of your choice for FREE to enhance your Vento air pump.
To do this, simply ask your favorite dealer when you buy a Vento..

Vento is the air pump of your aquarium, in four powers, the 1.0 consumes 2 Watts for 90L / H of air, the Vento 2.0 consumes 3 Watts for 140 L / H of air. The Vento 3.0 consumes 3.5 watts for 2×180 L / H of air (double output) and finally the Vento 4.0 consumes 4 Watts for 2×200 L / H of air (double output).
These pumps are equipped with 2 meters of transparent silicone pipe, a diffuser, a filter and a non-return valve.