Aquarium Systems UK official opening day is finally here !

Aquarium Systems UK official opening day is finally here and the enquiring minds of the pet trade can take a peek inside and find out what has been happening behind the scenes.
The doors are now open on their luxury office and warehouse facility set in the beautiful heart of the Leicestershire countryside.
The centrally located Aquarium Systems UK nerve center is nestled amongst mature trees and landscaped gardens making it an amazing creative space. The site itself has quite a history, with the original country house and lodges dating back to 1906 which were enjoyed by gentry and the Royal family.
This new energy efficient headquarters will allow Dale Lewis (UK Manager) and the rest of the Aquarium Systems UK team to focus on bringing two new premium brands, Reptile Systems and Bird Systems to the UK market. These new product ranges will follow the same high quality and affordable ethos Aquarium systems has always provided enabling them to be the number one selling salt brand in the world.
“We have a large dedicated animal room with plans to install display aquariums and terrariums in our reception areas. Thesewill allow us to showcase products and allow items to be photographed in realistic settings. The aim is to educate the end user and show how to simulate various environments to allow natural behavior and provide environmental enrichment.”
Stock has been flooding in for weeks to ensure the UK has ample supplies to cope with the extensive sales already forecast.Our goal is to make instruction and maintenance videos for all our ranges making life easier for the retailer and consumer alike.
We will be planning an open day later in the year so that retailers can come along and take a look inside Aquarium Systems HQ.This could include product demonstrations, educational talks,special offers and product and merchandising give aways . We are still undecided on the final itinerary and welcome retailers to for their input.

Please contact us so you can stock our premium range of aquatic, reptile and bird lines.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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