Aquarium Systems’ AQUARIUM range provides top of the range systems dedicated to the most demanding of aquarists. The AQUARIUM tank is made of extra-clear glass, which not only gives it an elegant design, but also makes the aquatic decor appear in more natural, more vivid colours. The cabinet, with its clean lines, is water resistant. Adjustable feet are provided to ensure optimal levelling of the AQUARIUM. The tank rests on a foam mat to protect the glass.

The XXL filtration system fitted to the AQUARIUM guarantees excellent water quality and offers the aquarist various options. Its volume represents nearly 30% of the system’s total volume (aquarium + filtration system). Therefore, the user is given the option of installing a refugium*.

The filtration circuit: the water sucked in on the surface is delivered to the sump via the down-flow valve. The first stage of filtration is mechanical and is made of two 200-mm filter socks that have the job of straining out any impurities. The second compartment houses the skimmer and other reactors. The third compartment offers the aquarist the option of installing a refugium* in order to optimise system filtration and balance. Finally, the last compartment is designed to house the sump return. A water reserve connected to the pump compartment automatically compensates the water level in the system. Water is returned into the main aquarium via two water outlet nozzles. Homogeneous circulation is thus guaranteed. All connection accessories are delivered with the AQUARIUM.

*A “refugium” is a kind of “secondary” aquarium connected to the “main” aquarium. It is generally devoted to growing beneficial macroalgae and flora and fauna that
consume nitrogenous waste (nitrates and phosphates). A refugium can also be used to stabilise the overall pH in the main tank and the refugium. This natural filtration method improves the biological, physical and chemical balance of your system.

Min Features

  • 1. Super-white glass
  • 2. Levelling feet
  • 3. Protective mousse for decantation (anti-slip ans anti-vibration)
  • 4. Anti-vibration and anti-slip carpet for the tank
  • 5. Overflow / Descent of water
  • 6. Cover for central lamp holder
  • 7. Rotating water outlet
  • 8. Wood treated against water
  • 9. Comb
  • 10. Stub-ups
  • 11. Water level control valve
  • 12. Loosening of pipes for greater security
  • 13. Easy access to pipes
L’Aquarium 250 L’Aquarium 370 L’Aquarium 570 L’Aquarium 720
General Features Extra-clear glass
Glass thickness (mm) 10 12 12 15
Integrated 3 compartment sump filter
System volume Water reserve with integrated automatic compensation
Total volume of the system (Aquarium + Sump) (l) 248 368 566 719
Volume of the exhibition tank (l) 171 257 396 495
Volume of the sump (l) 70 99 150 200
Water reserve (l) 7 12 20 24
AQUARIUM Dimensions Length of the AQUARIUM (cm) 60 90 120 150
Width of the AQUARIUM (cm) 52 52 60 60
Height of the AQUARIUM (cm) 55 55 55 55
Height of the cabinet (cm) 90 90 90 90
Total height (cm) 145 145 145 145
Sump Return* Connection diameter (mm) 25 25 25 25
Recommended power** 3000 l/h 3000 l/h 5000 l/h 5000 l/h
Cabinet White
References Cabinet and aqua set: White AQUARIUM 216039 216041 216043 216045
Cabinet and aqua set: Black AQUARIUM 216040 216042 216044 216046
EAN White AQUARIUM (aqua + cabinet) 3443982160398 3443982160411 3443982160435 3443982160459
Black AQUARIUM (aqua + cabinet) 3443982160404 3443982160428 3443982160442 3443982160466

In order to optimise your AQUARIUM system and ensure that it runs correctly, we recommend that you fit the following technical products:

L’Aquarium 250 L’Aquarium 370 L’Aquarium 570 L’Aquarium 720
Heater VisiTherm 150W VisiTherm 300W VisiTherm 2x200W VisiTherm 2x300W
Return pump New-Jet DC 3000 Maxi-Jet DC 3000 Maxi-Jet DC 5000 Maxi-Jet DC 5000
Skimmer Skimm 2.0 small Skimm 2.0 small Skimm 2.0 medium Skimm 2.0 large
Light Unit Series 6-45 Series 6-60 Series 6-90 Series 6-120
Dimensions Cm (L x l x h) 60x52x145** 90x52x145** 120x60x145** 150x60x145**

*( Longueur x Largeur x Hauteur ) ** Height cabinet = 90cm Height tank = 55cm

On the one hand, we recommend using Instant Ocean salt in the start-up phase of your system Subsequently, depending on the kind of marine animals you wish to keep, we recommend that you use the following salts:

Aquarium Fish Only Aquarium soft corals and fish Reef tank incl. LPS* et SPS**
Instant Ocean Instant Ocean or Reef Crystals Reef Crystals

*Large polyp stony
**Small poly stony