SeaTest Control System

The SeaTesT Control System (SCS) is used to make an accurate measurement (down to 0.01mg/l) on the following AQUARIUM SYSTEMS tests:

  • pH
  • NH4
  • NO2
  • NO3
  • PO4

CAUTION: the SeaTesT Control System (SCS) must not be immersed straight into the water in the aquarium. It is used to take an accurate reading of the test result obtained. Therefore, once the test in question has been run using the various reagents, immerse the device in the specimen in order to measure the value.

  • Replaces the readout with the colour scale
  • Provides a more accurate and more reliable result (down to 0.01mg/l for the 5 tests concerned)
  • The results obtained can be saved on a computer (using a program download).

EAN 3443983100003

Download the SeaTest Windows and Apple Management Program: