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Approved by hobbyists wordlwide, Aquarium Systems offers for more than fifty years an unique expertise for public or private tanks. Ever more scientists and hobbyists find in Aquarium Systems a spirit of tradition and innovations constantly renewed.

Flashback on a salty story…
Perfection is built step by step. It is a memory of intuitions and experiments and the reflect of a long-lasting passion.
Founded in 1964, Aquarium Systems built its craftmanship on a lasting and rigorous practice shortly approved by scientists. Instant Ocean, its emblematic sea salt mix, has been its first product. It is still nowadays a benchmark for scientific research, approved by thousands of users.

In 1966, in the United States, Niagara Falls public aquarium required Aquarium Systems to build and for the maintenance of a public aquarium using exclusively synthetic seawater, for the first time !
It was a successful bet and it has been quickly reiterated at Mystic Marinelife Aquarium in Connecticut.

In 1978, Aquarium Systems took an important step forward in the manufacturing of its sea salts. Clownfish reproduction and breeding in pisciculture allowed to improve a formula which has already proven its effectiveness. It was at this time that Alain Bertschy met professor Bruno Condé, zoologist, distinguished naturalist and founder of Museum Aquarium of Nancy, especially interested in this approach at the « closest of the living matter ».
A few years of research resulted in 1983 in the first production of sea salt mix Instant Ocean in Aquarium Systems facilities rue Gambetta in Sarrebourg. In 1986, Aquarium Systems expanded its expertise and offered an all-new concept of tanks heater : an integrated setting scale for an easier and user-friendly use.
Three years later, the Visi-Jet water pump was released. We had never seen before an adjustable water pump with flow indicator.
In 1990, the first Reef Crystals salt mix was manufactured in the United States.

Especially recommended for reef tanks, Reef Crystals is an innovative and enriched sea salt mix which contains an extra dose of calcium, vitamins, selected oligo-elements and a neutralizer removing risks of heavy metals from tap water. It is important to know that at this time, using dead corals for tank decoration was common.
In 2013, all the accessories range is renewed, modernized to adapte to society needs as sparing energy and preserving resources. In 2016 appears the first LED T5 tube range. It is a revolution which allows to get LEDs advantages just by changing your tubes.
2017 is a pivotal year for Aquarium Systems group with a new warehouse in England, new brands Bird and Reptile Systems. Aquarium Systems history allowed the compagny to develop an expertise in terrarium and bird hobbies. Thirty years of experiences and achievements lead to the development of these new brands for hobbyists worldwide.
Engaged in an approach of species valorization and protection, Aquarium Systems wished to encourage the glass fiber development. The manufacturing of artificial corals was entrusted to local fishermen in a fair activity framework in the Philippines.
Meeting Peter Wilkens, considered as a father of reefkeeping – whose works about importance of calcium for corals have been considerable – allowed to develop the Reef Evolution range.
Thanks to an unique formula totally devoid of nitrates, phosphates and silicates, Reef Evolution additives guarantee to keep your livestock in a good health and to dose according to their specific needs.

Convenient to dose (an all-new and ready-to-use version is now available), easy to use, eco-friendly and 100% French Quality, the entire range developped by Aquarium Systems is made for each hobbyists from the beginner to the expert.

Spreading its expertise worldwide, Aquarium Systems combines tradition and innovation for more than fifty years in France.
The human adventure of Aquarium Systems was born in Sarrebourg, in the Lorraine corridor. From the facilities in city centre, rue Gambetta, to the modern resort of the Terrasses de la Sarre, the trodden path comes from the unique and successful craftmanship respectful of sustainable development.

On the track of salt : zoom on a local supplying.

One of the Lorraine’s natural resources is a rock salt deposit whose geological origins are sea invasion and evaporation phenomenons during secondary era (Muschelkalk and Keuper).
This deposit extends on more than 200 km from Dieuze-Lunéville eastswards where it is shallow to Champagne westwards where its depth reaches up to 500m.
Annual average salt production is about 2 600 000 metric tons from brine, dedicated to industry and human feed.
In the context of sustainable development, Aquarium Systems chose a local supplying without pollution (and at less than 80km from Sarrebourg) which guarantees product’s fiability and reduced transport costs.

Late 2009, Alain Bertschy and his staff established in a 1,3 hectares site closed to major transport axes.
The new factory, made of recycle materials or low environmental costs materials, offers optimized working conditions thanks to a eco-friendly and functional workspace.
Natural light is preferred with large openings on mosellanes plains.
To keep a rational power consumption, an activity sensor is placed in every room. Light sources use is automated.
Heating system is also another example. It retrieves energy production.
Finally, outdoor installations allow to keep global harmony and Aquarium Systems integration in their environment.