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About us
Aquarium Systems is recognized by aquarists all over the world for their unique knowledge of ornamental fish keeping and breeding for both public aquariums and aquarium hobbyists. Everyday more and more scientists and enthusiasts recognized the innovative spirit based upon the quality tradition of Aquarium Systems. 

The high quality standards of the company have been driven by our desire for excellence. These standards bear witnesses to our knowledge and research, stemming from our continuing passion over all these years. 
Founded in 1964, our first objective was to supply products to research institutions that were working within the rapidly advancing field of the marine services. Our initial product, Instant Ocean Sea Salt, was the first commercial salt that was widely accepted by the scientific community, and it remains the standard for scientific research today. For 50 years, Aquarium Systems has proved its expertise worldwide, sharing a rich history of quality and innovation.
With more than 30 years of experience in the field of bird and reptile, Aquarium Systems has decided to launch 2 new brands: Bird and Reptile Systems to bring all our expertise and quality to these segments.